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Our Story

NYUE was founded in 2020 with the vision to make learning fun for children in Hong Kong. It started off as a platform on social media sharing educational tips and beliefs which turned into a loving and supportive environment of learning and growth. Now, our work ranges from face-to-face and Zoom classes, materials development, teacher training to teaching and parenting consultation.

Our Founder

Miss Janice

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Janice experienced education as a local Hongkongese. However, her personal learning journey has allowed her to place her core value on passion and intrinsic motivation. Her international exposure has further shaped who she is as an educator, someone who believes interaction and child-led education.

Her qualifications: 

- MSc in Education '21 (Oxford)

- PGDE in Primary English '19 (HKU)

- CELTA '19 (Bath, UK)

- BA in Linguistics '18 (HKU)

- IELTS 9.0

- HKDSE 5*

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Meet the Team

NYUE not only aims to provide a loving environment for students to grow, we also aspire to create a supportive community for educators to learn and collaborate harmoniously.

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