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The latest kit: "Dinosaur Lady"
has now released!


Learn to read, read to learn.  Welcome to the world of  NYUE Reading Kits - a set of English language learning materials that makes learning English an adventure. Thematic and contextual learning is the key in our Reading Kits. Students expand their vocabulary, practise reading and research skills, as long as widen their horizon with the inclusion of general knowledge in these materials.

- Denmark Theme Park Map

Read an authentic theme park map from Denmark and discover all about their rides, restaurants and activities!

- Surprise Day Out

Read Miss Janice's travel journal in Oxford as her flatmates prepare a surprise day out for her. 

- The Queen's Jubilee

As we celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, read to find out more about the celebration as well as her life! 

- The Climate Crisis

Climate Change is something everyone is contributing and will ultimately affect everyone. This reading kit provides essential real-world knowledge about this crisis while expanding students' vocabulary and training their language skills.

- New Year's Resolutions

This undated 14+ page activity booklet allows kids and adults alike to reflect on their past year and set goals for the future.  Comes with a series of reflective exercises, SMART goal-setting and habit trackers!

- "Dinosaur Lady" by Linda Skeers

Inspired by NYUE's Zoom Storytime sessions and Hong Kong Science Museum's "Big 8" dinosaur exhibit, this reading kit introduces kids to Mary Anning, the world's first paleontologist, gender inequality and archaeology.  Comes with a storytime video of the book read by Miss Janice.


Denmark Theme Park Map

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 12.53_edited.jpg

The Climate Crisis
Soft copy: 69HKD
Hard copy: 99HKD


Surprise Day Out

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 3.31.37 PM.png

New Year's Resolutions
Soft copy: 58HKD
Hard copy: 88HKD


The Queen's Jubilee

dino reading kit ig.png

The Climate Crisis
Soft copy: 48HKD


More coming soon!

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