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I came across NYUE on Facebook, and discovered their exercise books. It amazed me how much my students loved them so much that I asked for more!  I like the reading kits because they are unique from other materials I purchase and print from the Internet. They are written with Hong Kong students in mind, so my students all love the exercises and I always find it super relaxing to teach. 

The difference between NYUE teaching materials and what’s on the market is that NYUE materials have unique content and illustrations, with content suited for all Hong Kong students. Materials out there on the market are also interesting but not all are in line with the Hong Kong educational curriculums and vice versa. 


My favourite book chapter is from Book 2 (P3-5) Bon Voyage. All my students love Japanese food!   My favourite kit is the Western restaurant menu. My students can all relate to their favourite meals and vegetables, and say they feel like they can try out new vegetables and dishes. Some even read English menus in restaurants after doing this reading kit!

Sonia Lam

本身我係一個補習導師,有時教小朋友英文都會間唔中整啲教材,亦都會選購一啲練習俾學生做下。發覺本地出版嘅英文練習流於不斷重覆填寫相關句型或者文法,但學生對於學習英語嘅興趣其實不大,而坊間用 story-based 嘅方法嘅練習都唔多。所以,較早前我就買咗Book 1 + Book 2。


我發覺佢地做呢兩本嘅練習時,做得好開心,每個chapter扮演唔同角色去完成任務,有時角色甚至部分貫穿到下一個chapter,代入感令佢地有興趣繼續完成下去,用story-based 學習相關嘅 knowledge 同 skills效果幾顯著。

另外,自行創作嘅部分,甚至要畫上相關內容都令佢地發揮到creativity,啟發性大增。因為先前有學生做過坊間一般嘅英語練習,佢覺得相當沉悶,令佢對學習英語失去興趣。但當佢轉咗做呢兩本 Book 1, 2,開始不再抗拒英語,亦都好想完成chapter內嘅各個tasks。




Martin Wong

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