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Book 1 & Book 2
have now released!


Welcome to Not Your Usual Exercise - a set of story-based English language learning materials that makes learning English an adventure. Grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing exercises are incorporated into each story so language learning is no longer a monotonous chore!



  • Stories incorporating positive values and generic skills, like confidence, logical thinking and communication

  • A task-based approach and contextualised learning based on the EDB’s English Curriculum Guide

  • THINK ABOUT sections to promote creative thinking

  • GOOD TO KNOW sections to promote curiosity and self-directed learning

  • Attractive illustrations keep students engaged

  • Parts of each chapter are linked by a story; students have to finish one part to find out what is going on in the next part of the story

  • Five stories included in each book

  • Written and edited by MSc in Education (University of Oxford) and a team of Hong Kong primary school teachers (HKU PGDE) experienced in teaching English

  • Illustrations by Central Saint Martins graduate help children enjoy learning

  • We believe that “Learning should be fun” -- Children learn best when they enjoy the process!

  • Suggested answers for reference


Book 1
Ideal for P.1 to P. 2 children 


Book 2
Ideal for P.3 to P. 4 children 

Book 3 is coming soon...

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